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Paris Cityguide

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Paris is iconic as the capital of sophistication, and most of us can tick off a list of famous landmarks with ease. However, it’s not just the big, popular places that you want to look at in Paris. The quaint shops, museums, public gardens, back streets, cafés and all the other places in the town give it its character and uniqueness. You can discover these places for yourself en route to the famous landmarks to make the trip to France more special. Continue reading Paris Cityguide

Things to see and do in Dover

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It is considered as a major port in the south east section of England and one of the features that it is known for is its access to embark on the ferry to France. Situated at the English channel, known for its busy shipping traffic, it supplies much of the employment needs through its services and its tourism. During the summer months, high temperatures can range anywhere from a balmy 18/21c to a cool 10/14c. Continue reading Things to see and do in Dover