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Traveling with pets on Cross Channel ferries

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Many people do not like the thought of leaving their pet behind when they go on holiday or are traveling and you should not have to. A pet is often like a member of the family and it makes people feel very sad when they have to put them in a kennel or leave them with a friend. It can be pricey putting a dog or cat in a kennel so it’s worth looking at different options. Continue reading Traveling with pets on Cross Channel ferries

Ferries to France

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Every year millions of passengers cross the Channel on ferries between England and France, making the Channel the busiest shipping lane in Europe.

There are several ferry companies who operate between The UK and France from ports like Dover, Calais, Dunkerque etc where the main ferry companies such as P&O, Norfolkline, LD Lines, Seafrance and Britanny ferries operate multiple sailings a day. Continue reading Ferries to France