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Brussels is very easy to reach when you travel by ferry to France. Brussels is just 110 miles away from Calais and just 85 miles away from the ferry port of Dunkirk.

Lets learn some more about this great city and its characteristics.

Brussels is one of the major centers for international politics. It is the head quarter of NATO. Brussels is the capital of Belgium as well as European Union (EU). It is the largest metropolitan area in Belgium. Most of the people speak in French, while a few is Dutch speaking.

Brussels enjoys a Maritime climate, influenced greatly by the marine air from the Atlantic. Snowfall is rare in winter. Brussels has got a number of forests. Sonian Forest is the most famous of them. The river Senne flows by the side of the city.

After the Second World War Brussels has become one of the leading international political centers. It is the home of various international organizations including the major institutions of European Union (EU), The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Western European Union, World Customs Organization etc. Brussels arrange a large number of international conferences annually.

Brussels has a strong economy among the cities in Europe. Service is the main sector of economical progress in Brussels. Besides that, craft industries also play an important role in the economy of Brussels. The Port of Antwerp is the second largest sea port in Europe which plays an important role in the commerce and business of Belgium.

Brussels has got great educational facilities. It has got several prominent universities. University Libre de Bruxelles is the best universitie in Brussels. It has three campuses and is a French speaking university. Vrije University Brussels is a Dutch speaking university. Royal Military Academy is a college controlled by military personals. Brussels Institution of International Studies is one of the prominent institutions which provide international study facilities.

The main architectural attraction in Brussels is the Grand Palace. It has been declared as The World Heritage Site since 1988 by UNESCO. Laken castle is another prominent one, having a green house in it. Brussels Royal Palace, Palace of Justice and Brussels Stock Exchange are some of the greatest architectural beauties in Brussels. Manneken Pis is a famous statue in Brussels and also is a famous tourist attraction.
Brussels has got a number of prominent museums. Royal Museum of Fine Art has a great collection of historical crafts in it. Museum Of Army preserves the crafts including models of weapons, Dresses and various things used in military. Comic Museum is an exceptional type of museum in Brussels which represents the history of Belgian Comics.

Brussels is prominent for its food and drinks. Waffle, a special type of cake made of butter is very popular in Brussels. Brussels special chocolate is prominent for its great taste. Belgian Beer is the most famous drink in Brussels. Cherry beer which is recognized as Kriek, is a very popular drink and is found in almost every bars in Brussels.

Brussels is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Because of its great contribution in the international politics, it hosts a large number of conferences annually which brings it a large number of visitors. The Museums, parks and the monuments are also prominent tourist attractions.

So whenever you take a ferry to France, Brussels might be an interesting place to visit