Cycling in France

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Many people use a ferry to France as a way to start off a driving holiday around the country or perhaps continent but you could very easily take your bike on a ferry to France and enjoy a cycling holiday around France. If this is something that excites you then take a look at four of the best cycling hot spots in France!

Morven National Park, Burgundy
Located to the South East of Paris, Morven National Park is a stunning, historical area which combines rivers, canals and medieval paths through ancient woods, orchards and the famous vineyards of France. Cycling in the Burdundy area is perfect for the beginner cyclist who wants to explore the area, enjoy the scenery and history behind the area whilst taking some fantastic photographs.

Emerald Coast, Brittany
The Emerald Coast of Brittany is a naturally beautiful area of France with quaint fishing villages with traditional working harbours, white sand beaches and medieval castles. The cycle routes around the Emerald Coast are relatively flat so ideal for the beginner cyclist or those that are cycling for fun rather than to challenge their fitness levels. Of course, thanks to the fishing history of the area the food is predominantly seafood and you cannot visit without sampling some of the freshly caught oysters or prawns!

Toulouse plays host to hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths the majority of which are along the Garonne, cycling along the banks can lead you through the Pyrenees to Port Lauragais, a 30km track which is ideal for advanced cyclists.

If you are looking for a route which is closer to the ferry ports of France so you do not need to travel through the country then how about the nature trails in the Caps Et Maris D’Opale Regional Nature Park?
The French are big fans of cycling as both a method of transfer and as a leisure activity and this soon becomes apparent when travelling along the well-kept cycle trails and routes around the countryside and even in the cities such as Paris. If you’d prefer not to take your own cycling equipment on the ferry then you can hire a bike once you arrive at the destination you would like to cycle around.