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France Destination guide

Individuals and families wishing to travel from the UK to France have many destination options available to them. Ferries leave from Dover, cross the English Channel and dock in Calais roughly 46 times per day. Once there, travelers can easily reach a variety of French regions within a 6-hour car ride or less. There are four options that are within reach for an amazing and unique experience. Northern France, Paris, Outlaying regions, and all train connections offer any individual or family the trip of a lifetime.

Northern France features a rich architectural and cultural heritage that will satisfy everyone’s need for adventure. The Belfries Trail is a tour with several stops that spotlight the town squares and belfries of various cities. Calais offers a fine arts museum, a wildlife exhibit as well as multiple restaurants, clubs and shops. Alsace Lorraine allows travelers to experience Northern France while sailing on the Rhine River. Mulhouse offers museums for transportation enthusiasts including a European Automobile Museum as well as a National Railway Museum.

Lille is one of the most popular destinations in Northern France. This town, as well as the surrounding region, is heavily influenced by Flemish architecture and culture. The Hotel de Ville boasts the tallest belfry in Europe. Individuals can spend the day at the Zoological Park or the Braderie de Lille flea market. Strasbourg is also a popular holiday destination. This region has a German influence which is evident in both the architecture and foods. One might take a picturesque stroll through “Little Venice of Strasbourg” which consists of canals built to shelter fishermen. Locals enjoy an annual Christmas Market and Festival. Museum goers will appreciate the Musée Alsacien showcasing the heritage and history of arts and crafts or the Rhine and Sailing Museum.

A second holiday option for individuals and families is Paris and the surrounding area. Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world and offers too many activities and attractions to list. One must-see is the Louvre. This beautiful museum is the largest in the world and features a garden with a glass pyramid in the central courtyard. The Champs-Elysées displays the Arc de Triomphe, The Grand Palais National Galleries, The Paris Opera and an avenue rich with sightseeing and luxury shopping. The Eiffel Tower or “Iron Lady” is probably the most famous attraction in France and allows travelers to view the entire city. Bastille and Oberkampf provides fun for all with aquariums, botanical gardens and a floral festival as well as several music houses. Those looking for the latest fashion will want to visit the Foire de Paris Showcase and Rue Saint-Honoré’s galleries. The Latin Quarter is home to Notre Dame made famous by author Victor Hugo. Paris also offers Disneyland Paris for plenty of family enjoyment.

Many other areas around Paris offer equal appeal to those on holiday. The Loire Valley offers a Joan of Arc Tour ending with her home in Orleans. This region also boasts many castles, moors and cathedrals. Champagne is famous for its origin of the bubbly beverage with the same name. Travelers can participate in a Champagne Trail Tour with tastings at several locations. Burgundy is famous for its food and wine. French foods such as boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, Dijon mustard and escargot all hail from this region. Burgundy is also famous for its wine auction at Hospice de Beaune. Normandy pays tribute to those that fought in the D-Day battle. It is covered in farmland and rolling hills. Roven is home to the medieval town square where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. All of these towns and cities are must-see locales.

A third option for those on holiday who are willing to travel a little further will find plenty more to see. The French Alps are bustling in both the winter and summer seasons. Winter sports include skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, nature lovers can hike, swim and bike along the lakes and trails or go on log cabin holidays. The panoramic views of the French Alps cannot be experienced anywhere else. Auvergne Limousin is considered the hidden gem of France. Mountains and volcanoes cover the countryside with beautiful an relaxing volcanic springs. Rivers are active with fishermen and kayakers. It is also home to an annual short film festival.

A fourth option in France for individuals and families is to combine the French experience with a multi-European country encounter. Travelers can experience all that France has to offer and then take a train to a variety of other countries including Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. There are train terminals throughout France.

France offers a variety of adventures for those who want to travel across the English Channel and have the experience of a lifetime. France offers historical and cultural encounters as well as famous landmarks, family amusement parks and natural wonders. Ferries enable those on holiday to bring their vehicles with them allows for a more outreaching experience of France.