Ferry Routes from Portsmouth

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Although the majority of ferries to France take place across The Channel from Dover to destinations such as Calais there are multiple further ferry to France routes which set sail from other important ferry ports in the UK such as Portsmouth.

Portsmouth to St Malo
St Malo is located in Brittany and is one of the more western ports available for a ferry to France from the United Kingdom and therefore ideal for anyone planning a trip to any of the popular western France destinations such as Bordeaux. The Portsmouth to St Malo ferry route is operated by Brittany Ferries everyday on an overnight basis and the comfortable cabins means you can sleep through the majority of the 11 hour crossing making it feel like you are not wasting any time on the travel part of your holiday. When you return from St Malo to Portsmouth the sailings are once again on a daily basis but instead, these take place during the day.

Portsmouth to Caen
Caen, the capital of the Basse Normandie region of north France located 2 hours away from Paris is perfectly located to be a major port for ferries to France from the United Kingdom. This is the most frequent ferry to France from Portsmouth as there are three sailings every day, a significant increase on the daily or less frequent sailings on the other routes. More frequent sailings means a greater level of flexibility with a variety of crossing times to choose from depending on your schedule and preferences in regards to sailing during the day or overnight. The Portsmouth to Caen route takes between 6 and 7 hours depending on the time of crossing and you will be completely comfortable in the luxury cabins in the ship.

Portsmouth to Cherbourg Ferry to France
Cherbourg-Octeville is located in Normany, North West France. There are currently two different operators running ferries to France between Cherbourg and Portsmouth and these are Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries. The Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry to France from Brittany Ferries sails 11 times every week and takes just three hours which is significantly shorter than the ferry to Cherbourg which is operated Condor Ferries. Condor Ferries run one sailing between Portsmouth and Cherbourg each week which takes 5 hours and 30 minutes.
Portsmouth to Le Havre

Le Havre is located on France’s north west coast and just 2 hours away from Paris therefore one of the most convenient ports available if you are looking to head towards Paris and other attractions of France. The Portsmouth to Le Havre ferry is operated by LD Lines on a daily basis setting sail at 11pm on the Norman Voyager ship, arriving in France at 8am.