Ferry to Boulogne

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When going on a ferry to France, it is possible that you destination might be the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer which is located in the north of France, part of the Pas-de-Calais. The city’s population was recorded in 1999 as having 44,859 people. The etymology of the name is from the Roman Empire and originally known as Bononia. The city was originated by the Celtic Boii and “Sur mer” is from the French language for “on the sea”.

Attractions that might possibly be of interest in the city are the 11th century belfry which is on the list of heritage sites from UNESCO. In addition there is the medieval castle which was originated from Roman times and houses a collection of Egyptian art. There is a Gothic church for “St. Nicholas” which has some statues from the 15th century. Moreover, there is a Cathedral basilica for Notre-Dame and the dome is over 100 meters tall. The crypt there is one of the biggest in France and possesses Gothic, Roman and also Romanesque elements. In addition, Nausica√§ which was started in 1991 is for science looking at the connection between man to the sea. There are exhibitions on marine fauna and also the usage and in addition management of marine resources.

In terms of transportation, by road, there is a Metropolitan bus service which is operated by the TCRB and there are coach services from Calais and Dunkerque also. There is a motorway classified as the A16. By rail, the main train station is Gare de Boulogne-Ville which is situated within the southern area of the city. For regional transport, the Gare de Boulogne-Tintelleries is used and is near to the university and also city center. Coming on a ferry to France, Euroferries offers sailings from Ramsgate. From their website, they claim to be able to travel across in only 75 minutes using their catamaran.

In terms of the cuisine of the place, it is reported to have both European and also American influence including “sandwich am√©ricain” which is a sandwich that has reported to be introduced from America. It is also possible to get Welsh rarebit originally from the United Kingdom, additionally. So, on your ferry to France adventure, we hope that you are able to enjoy yourself in your time at Boulogne – let us know how you get on if you wanted.