Ferry to Dieppe

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Having already looked at Calais in the January 8th, 2011 post: “https://www.ferryfrance.org.uk/calais/”, another popular destination in France that you might travel to on a ferry to France is Dieppe – let us now find out a bit about this location. In terms of its population levels, this was recorded in 1999 as being at 81,419. It has a popular pebbled beach and also a castle from the 15th century. Moreover, there are churches of Saint-Jacques and Saint-Remi – the name of those who live in Dieppe are Dieppois for males and Dieppoise for females.

Historically, the place used to be known as Deppae in 1015-1029, Dieppa in 1030 and from the 12th century Deppa, as well as Deupa and also Diopa. The stream that runs through Dieppe was originally called Tella and latterly changed to Dieppe in the 10th century – this name has been kept for the city whilst the stream thereafter changed to “Béthune”.

As regards the castle known as Château de Dieppe, it was able to survive a 1694 bombardment and now serves as a museum and exhibition location with the interior being described as picturesque. Near the castle is a “Square du Canada” that recounts the connection between the city and Canada from the early 16th century as well as September 1st, 1944 when it was liberated by Canadians.

Dieppe is affirmed to have several twin towns which are reported to be Brighton in the U.K., New Brunswick in Canada as well as Grimsby in the U.K., additionally. In terms of transport for going on a ferry to France, The Dieppe ferry port is directly linked to Newhaven, a town in the UK, which is located at the entrance of the river Ouse in East Sussex. There is a railway station that is operated by SNCF and has regular departures for Rouen-Rive-Droite and also Paris-Saint-Lazare. As well as train services, SNCF also has buses to Gisors-Embranchement via Serqueux.

For reference, former transport methods that were available for Dieppe were Hoverspeed that was withdrawn in 2004 which had 3 daily sailings to Newhaven. Moreover, P&O’s Stena Line additionally had 3 sailings a day and was withdrawn from service in 1999. As regarding current ferry to France options, Transmanche Ferries/LD Lines has 2 sailings daily from Newhaven, that one is able to take to travel in this manner.