Ferry to Dunkirk

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If you are getting a ferry to France, one of the destinations that you could perhaps end up going to is Dunkirk, which is situated 6 miles or about 10 kilometers from the Belgian border. In a 1999 census, the population of this city was recorded at 70,850. The etymology of the word “Dunkirk” is reported to come from the West Flemish language “dun(e)” (meaning “dune”) and “kerke” (from the Scots English word “kirk” meaning church). Dunkirk was mentioned for the first time with its name in 1067. Until the mid 20th century, it was located in the French Flemish area. The local Flemish dialect which is a variety of Dutch is still recorded as in use although mainly replaced by French.

Dunkirk is of course very famous as being a point of retreat for the Allied forces during the Second World War where 338,226 soldiers including 123,000 French were able to be evacuated. It was liberated in 1944 by the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division – it finally surrendered on 9th May 1945. The harbour of Dunkirk is the third-largest in France after those of Le Havre and also Marseilles. The city is industrial with industries of steel, food processing and ship building as well as others. The cuisine of Dunkirk is similar to Flemish with possibly the most famous being Coq à la bière which is chicken served in a creamy beer style sauce.

After arriving on your ferry to France, if you end up in Dunkirk, some of the tourist attractions here can include the Musée Portuaire which has images about the port. The Musée des Beaux-Arts provides a collection of Flemish as well as Italian and also French paintings and additionally sculptures. There is also a carnival of Dunkirk additionally. The city of Dunkirk has, as is well known, a ferry connection with Dover. Additionally, the railways station: Gare de Dunkerque has connection to Calais, Aras and Lille, as well as Paris and also some other regional destinations. Dunkirk has quite a few sister cities including Middlesborough in the UK, from 1976, Riga in Latvia from 1960 and Krefeld in Germany from 1974. There are also cooperation agreements with Dartford and Thanet districts in the UK from March 1988 and 1993 respectively. So, if you are going to take a ferry to France and visit Dunkirk, we hope that now you may be a little more informed than you might have been previously.

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