French Food

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When visiting a country whether it’s for business or a personal holiday you should take all of the opportunities you can to explore the local culture of the country. Food forms a significant part of the French culture and has an important part of the French history and with different cuisines in the regions around France it is worth sampling the best that the country has to offer in the country itself! Wherever you are travelling in France you should be able to sample at least some of these following foods:

Frogs Legs

This, along with snails are two of the most stereotypical French dishes out there and usually not thought off with a high opinion but as bad as they sound frogs legs are actually quite tasty. There are different ways you can serve the frogs legs, mainly deep fried and breaded and this is usually with garnish such as garlic. People consider the moist tender meat which just slips off the bone to be a middle ground between chicken and fish.


Once again, to the traveller to France this may not sound like the tastiest dish on the menu! They are known as Escargot and tend to be on the starters or appetiser menu. The snail is typically cooked in garlic butter and served in the shell. Escargot is a remarkably healthy dish with a 15% protein content.


In France regional cheese factories are in abundance and the cheese produced therefore forms a strong part of the diet of the residents in the area as well as attracting tourists looking for traditional cheese tastings! The cheese that is produced in a particular reason tends to be named after that area, an example of which would be Bleu d’Auvergne cheese from Auvergne in central France. Some other famous French cheeses you may have heard of are Brie de Melun, Camembert de Normandie and Langres.


Although now enjoyed as a breakfast product across the world they are a French staple and you can’t go to France without enjoying at least one breakfast from a French patisserie. Some of the most common French pastries include croissants, pain aux chocolat and pain aux raisins.

France has some popular dishes when it comes to lunch and dinner which are popular in many of the French regions and here are some of the most popular French dishes which will be on the menu.


A traditional dish which was created in Nice and is simply stewed vegetables, served as a side, as a main meal with pasta, bread or rice or even as the filling for a crepe. The vegetables in ratatouille are predominantly tomatoes with flavoursome accompaniments such as onion, eggplant, peppers and herbs.

Coq au Vin

This is a popular French meal that varies throughout the different regions depending on the wine tha is used. This is simply a dish of chicken, the local wine, mushrooms and seasonings such as garlic, herbs, salt and pepper braised together in a single pot.