Crossing Time

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How long does a ferry to France take?

With the increased awareness of ferries to France thanks to the various news issues surrounding the new routes and increased availability combined with the recent National Ferry Fortnight offers many people may now be considering taking a ferry to France for their next business trip or holiday instead of a plane or the Eurotunnel! However, one of the main questions that people as is “How long does a ferry to France take?”, many assume it is time consuming and the savings gained just aren’t worth the money but thanks to the increased routes, facilities on board and flexibility the ferries can now start to overcome some of this stigma and attract new passengers.

A ferry to France crossing from Dover to Calais will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and costs from around £15 per person each way depending on whether you are taking a vehicle and so on. This is compared to a flight from London City airport to Paris which costs £90 each way and takes almost the same time at 1 hour 20 minutes, so you would be on the ferry just as long as you would be on the plane but saving almost £150 on fares! This is a great option for those who have a fear of flying and just want to get onto the continent as quick as possible!

When you are on board the ferry to France you will find significantly more facilities than you would if you were on a plane! There is spacious accommodation in cabins if you wish along with restaurants, lounges serving a variety of drinks and some shops if you would like to pick up some gifts on your return ferry!

Travelling by ferry is ideal for families with small children who are worrying about upsetting fellow passengers if their child gets bored or tired of the flight. The kids area on the ferries to France are perfect for children who do not want to sit still for the journey and includes a range of play zones and entertainment from games and children’s cartoons.