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The latest news from the ferry sector this week has been focused around the shocking behaviour and incidents caused by hundreds of students on board a ferry to France from Dover. Approximately 200 students from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan were heading for an alps skiing holiday and crossing the channel by ferry when they caused a severe disturbance. The on board rampage was on an early sailing of a P&O ferry to France on 1ST April 2012.

Both of the Manchester universities are currently investigating the events that happened on board the ferry to France which resulted in the need for all non-student passengers to be moved to an exclusive lounge on the ferry in order to be safe from the fights, brawls and disgraceful scenes.

It has been reported that most students were drunk prior to boarding the ship and this then escalated into mass bar brawls once the two university groups clashing. Such brawls included throwing and jumping on furnishings such as tables and chairs, climbing and attempting to set fire to various items on the ship. The violence was followed by further inappropriate behaviour when several students stripped then ran around naked on board in front of the many other passengers.

The shocking behaviour caused severe distress to the other 1300 passengers that were travelling on the ship at the time; several young families with children were witness to these events. P&O released a statement about the issue, stating the unacceptability of the incident which they have now reported to the authorities.
P&O Ferries informed both of the universities that they would not be transporting the students back to England at the end of their holiday on the booked journey. This led to the students making their own way back on another ferry; they did not cause any issues on the return journey.

In other, more positive ferry news, this week marked Condor Ferries’ 25th anniversary of ferry routes between England and the Channel Islands. Condor Ferries started ferry routes to France when the company was established in 1964 and moved into Channel Island stops and combined Channel Islands/France routes in 1987. The route has recently relocated to a Poole departure point and is enjoying great success.