Onboard Ferries to France

The best way to visit France from England is no doubt more exciting and memorable when done by boat. The thing to do is to find the best ferry that will save the most amounts of money but at the same time has plenty of amenities on board. There are ferries which specialize in foot passengers as well as car passengers. Ferry Restaurant Onboard

It is not difficult to find relatively cheap ferries that one can take the family along. Most people tend to think ferry trips are only about getting on ship and sitting on a seat and then waiting for the announcement for the destination. This is simply not true anymore. The ferries that service between England and France are mini cruises. The amenities found on these boats are truly amazing. For starters if you are traveling with children, there will be specially designated play areas for them. As we all know children can get restless and bored quite easily. With a play area on board this will not happen.

What about the adults? Ferries nowadays offer services ranging from spas to shopping complexes. Massage On board FerryThe on board health spas are an excellent way to relax and get a massage while traveling. There are on board showers available which means you will be fresh when you arrive at your destination. Ferries also have restaurants on board serving up delicious food for the passengers. Along with restaurants, there will also be bars and pubs. If you are into shopping then there will also be plenty of shops to choose from.

Ferries are responsible for transporting millions of passengers and vehicles between England and mainland Europe. It is true that airfares have become cheaper in the last couple of years and there is also the option of taking the Channel. But none of these can match the comfort and leisurely atmosphere of taking a ferry. Not only that many people do not like sitting inside a tube such as the Channel train, for long periods of time. Air travel requires many hours of time spent at an airport, not exactly some people’s idea of a romantic vacation. Dover is the place where most of the ferries from England depart from. From Dover they will go to Dunkirk, Calais or Boulogne. Calais is the principle channel port in France.