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Seventy Redundancies at P&O Ferries Dover

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P&O Ferries today announced that it will cut seventy jobs at its headquarters in Dover caused by the heavy competition with other English Channel ferry operator and the Eurotunnel. Apart from redundancies the company structure of P&O Ferries will change with less executives reporting to CEO Helen Deeble.

Next to the redundancies and change in company structure talks will be held between P&O Ferries and the Unions about the current pension scheme.

These changes should save the ferry company money and is seen as a much needed move in order to keep up with the ever growing competition between ferry operators in the English Channel.

Meanwhile, rumours still exist that a cargo ship P&O on the Dover-Calais route will be removed. The ferry European Seaway recently made a test run in Ramsgate, suggesting that Trans Europe Ferries will charter or buy this ferry for its Ostend route.

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