Things to do in Portsmouth

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If you are planning on taking a ferry to France from Portsmouth you may find you have a few hours before your ferry to spend in the city and there is plenty of things for you to do before you head off to France, and with ferries taking around 6 hours from Portsmouth it’s always good to explore the area before heading off on the trip.

Spinnaker Tower

One of the newest tourist attractions to arrive in Portsmouth is Spinnaker Tower which is a 170 metre tall structure which is located on Portsmouth Harbour. A combination of cafes, bars an

d things to do with the all important viewing platforms make up Spinnaker Tower. The viewing platforms are on several decks with panoramic views of the city and of course the surrounding seaside for 23 miles, on a clear day you may be able to spot your ferry in the docks! You will need a ticket to get entry on to the viewing decks and you can check the latest Spinnaker Tower prices and print off a voucher at

Mary Rose Story

As a waterfront city it should come as no surprise that Portsmouth tourist attractions and the industry were centred around the sea, the Navy, fishing and of course the ferry crossings to France, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. As a result of this many of the museums focus on this and are ideal for those who want to find more about the history. If you head over to the historic dockyard of Portsmouth you will find the Mary Rose Story which is opening in Spring 2013. The collection of historic naval objects, costumed staff and the museum being located in the actual ship which has been conserved will take you back hundreds of years!

D Day Museum

With Porstmouth playing an important part in the history of the Second World War and D Day there is of course a museum dedicated to this, The D Day Museum. The museum focuses on just the day of 6th June 1944 when the monumental D Day took place! There is lots of memorabilia and preserved artefacts from the day as well as the story which led up to the event and a film to give a more interactive view on the day.

In addition to the museums Portsmouth is home to miles of coastline and beaches which are worth checking out if you only have a short amount of time to spare.