Things to see and do in Dover

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It is considered as a major port in the south east section of England and one of the features that it is known for is its access to embark on the ferry to France. Situated at the English channel, known for its busy shipping traffic, it supplies much of the employment needs through its services and its tourism. During the summer months, high temperatures can range anywhere from a balmy 18/21c to a cool 10/14c.

Getting to and around Dover is quite easy, with train services that run quite frequently, or the stagecoach bus service which will pick you up and take you either through the city or out into the rural areas. If you are coming from other parts of England, you can travel via the A20 or the A256. Many popular hotels call Dover their home and most are within a ten minute drive from the ferry terminals.

There is not much to see and do in Dover, but it has some hidden gems. Visitors should check out The Western Heights, which is a large fortress intended to accommodate a garrison force during the war, should the Navy lose control of the channel. It also offers a prime view of both the harbor and town of Dover. The Maison Dieu, which was once a hospital for sick travelers was turned into an arsenal by the Navy, with parts of it now home to the local library.

Nature lovers will appreciate the Samphire Hoe Nature Reserve. This was created from that which was removed to build the Channel Tunnel, also called the “Chunnel”. Whether your interest is in peace and quiet, scenic painting, birds, wildflowers or just enjoying its awesome beauty, there is probably something here for you. First joining the ranks during the era of Henry II, today the Dover castle, also known as the key to England is a popular and must see destination for all tourists.

Visitors to Dover from parts other than Europe can hop aboard the ferry to France. Depending on your port of embarkation, which could be Calais, Dunkirk or as far south as Boulogne-sur-Mer, this can be an interesting voyage. From Calais, the trip runs about an hour and a half and on your approach you will be graced by the famous white cliffs of Dover.

If you are bringing your own car on-board one of the Channel ferries, it will afford you the opportunity to do some exploring of Dover at much reduced prices. After securing a map, check out some sites like St Mary the Virgin which is an ancient parish church, the Dover city museum where its premier exhibit is the oldest sea-going vessel, or follow the roads to the historic South Foreland Lighthouse, which is located on the White Cliffs of Dover.

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