Visiting Calais

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If your ferry to France requires a short stay at Calais before or after a connecting train you may be wondering what you can do to pass the time whilst you are waiting, here are a few ideas:

Calais is probably most famous for the shopping opportunities available due to the “booze cruise” trips many take to get cheap duty free alcohol. The cheap products available and the relatively low cost for a ferry to France make such trips worthwhile. When you arrive you will find a range of huge large supermarkets which stock everything you could possibly imagine alongside a range of speciality stores. The speciality stores cover sweets, tea, seafood and wines. If you are shopping for alcohol or tobacco you should check the personal allowances before you go and ensure you stick to these.

If you want to enjoy some fine, authentic French food on your arrival then there are restaurants on almost every street. Due to its seaside location most of the restaurants specialise in seafood with others offering more traditional French food. The cafes are traditional with their offerings and most importantly their opening hours so if you are looking to eat outside of typical lunch hours you will need to find a “non-stop” restaurant.

Hotels in Calais
If you are arriving in Calais late in the evening and would like to relax and refresh in a hotel before travelling on for the rest of your trip then there are several budget friendly hotels available around the port from popular chains such as Holiday Inn and Ibis, both three star rated accommodation to independent budget bed and breakfasts.

Sight Seeing
Although Calais isn’t considered a tourist hotspot the port does have a lot of history when it comes to the Second World War so if this is a particular interest of yours then you will enjoy spending a few hours at the Calais sights which the War Museum which is situated in a German bunker. For those more interested in medieval art and architecture The Notre Dame Church or the Fine Art Museum are also situated in Calais and include pieces of art from Picasso.