We all love France

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Here in the UK, we are quite lucky to have good ferry links to many other European countries, with Spain and France being two of the most popular destinations to head to.

France has always been a popular destination for the Brits, and now, with more ferry routes than ever before, it seems that people are really beginning to take advantage of what ferries can offer. For instance, France has always been a popular place to head for skiing holidays with many winter sport enthusiasts heading to the Alps and the Pyrenees every year. This number is now on the rise however, and much of this fact is down to ferry companies offering in demand routes as well as low-cost fares.

All the world-class resorts are all within easy reach of the UK too with SeaFrance offering regular ferries to France from bases dotted all along the British Isles. Another reason for the rise in popularity of ferries to France is because of the ease at which any trip can be conducted. All you have to do is simply load the car up as if you were going on a day trip, drive to a ferry port and away you go, it’s that simple.

France – UK ferries go hand in hand because of the close proximity of the two countries to one another. Ferries also allow people to take in the best views and scenery too and for that reason will always have a distinct advantage over air travel. In terms of flexibility and the quality of travel, ferries win hands down.