Ferry to France

Why you should travel by Ferry to France

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The most obvious benefit is the cost- going by ferry is much cheaper, especially if you’re going with family or a large group and although cost isn’t really the main issue, it’s still one to remember.

Let’s look at flying. When you fly abroad you have the speed of travel, but also a major set back- once you land in that country you either have to pay for a hire car, or try and navigate a public transport system in a town you don’t know, in a language you probably don’t speak. When you go on a ferry to France, you can simply drive your car down to the port in the UK and drive it onto the ship and relax onboard knowing it’s safe and sound below deck ready for you to drive away as soon as you arrive.Channel ferry Another added bonus is that you can pack as much stuff as you like into the back of the car in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you were going on a plane because there’s no extra cost for baggage. When taking your own car you can take as much as you can handle and not pay a penny more!

When you’re in an airport you have to wait for ages to get your baggage from the collection point and then, because you don’t have your car with you, drag it into a taxi and try and pile it all in so you can just get out of the stressful and packed airport and get to your hotel or campsite. Plus, if you have a hire car, in high season you can be waiting ages for it to come and when it does you can sometimes find it’s not actually big enough to fit you and your luggage in comfortably.

Did you know that when your luggage goes on a plane there’s only a 97% chance that your luggage will actually arrive safe and sound where you are, or even at the right airport at all? British airways statistically loose 18 out of 1000 bags that they collect. This means that on a plane of 100 at least one person on average will have their belongings lost by the service. British airways has the lowest baggage loss rate as well- so imagine what it’s like with some companies! You don’t have this worry on a ferry because you never hand over your belongings- they just stay locked up in the car.

Even if you don’t take your car on the ferry to France you still have bonuses. Foot passengers get on and off the ferry first, and there’s hardly any waiting around involved. Plus, if you have to travel over night you get your own lovely little room, so that you can arrive the next day at your holiday destination all relaxed and refreshed- the exact opposite to how you’d be if you’ve had to reclaim lost baggage, find the right terminal, get the hire car taken care of and forced everything into the boot.

So be smart and savvy and travel by ferry